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Causandra Dukepoo


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Casaundra and Michael Dukepoo are a married couple who are individual award-winners, and who share a similar vision for beautifully simple, sleek and dramatic pieces, with high-quality stones.

These striking earrings are an example of masterful inlay work, displaying Causandra’s contemporary flair.

Splendid, natural stones, masterfully cut and set by hand, form a tailored, modern pair of earrings that bring tradition into our century.

Black jade stands in for the traditional jet, while blazing red Rosarita takes the place of coral.

Rosarita is a byproduct of gold smelting and often used, lately, in jewelry because of its intense hue and luminous texture.

A narrow border of silver frames the dramatic stones, adding a bit of gleam to the ensemble, which is classic and beautiful.

The silver base has been gently curved, so the high polish of the stones reflects light brilliantly.

Notice the only ornamentation of the silver border: two, delicately chiseled little squares at the bottom of each outside edge.

Imaginative creativity and an eye for quality materials combine with consummate skill to create earrings that are timeless and chic, anywhere in the world.

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