Bisbee Turquoise Turtle Ring

Kee Yazzie


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What does it take to upstage creative, handsome, beautifully crafted silver work? A large, pillowed, magnificent, natural Bisbee turquoise, that’s what.

Kee Yazzie has outshone his impeccable and unusual silver work with a superb example of this turquoise, one of the most-coveted and hardest-to-find of all.

From the copper-mining area of Bisbee, Arizona, this turquoise is recognized by its intense, deep blue and reddish matrix, in the finest examples.

The turquoise mine is closed, although some stones are still extracted that are called Bisbee, but are not like the classic blue.

This stone is the real thing, and a real beauty.

The chiseled bezel that supports the stone relates to the vertical, wood-like texture of the chiseling in the silver shank.

Perhaps inspired by the deep-sea blue of the turquoise, applied silver petroglyph turtles flank the center.

These are outlined and polished, with minuscule markings that suggest their segmented shells.

On the back, which is much narrower than the front of the ring, two polished cross forms represent the four geographic directions.

The message is that the blessings of turtles – who live in water, and are noted for fertility and longevity – extend to all the corners of the earth.

The wonderful stone is equaled by the wonderful design and high quality of the silver work in this jewel of a ring.

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