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Bisbee Petroglyph Cuff


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This young (32) artist is a brother of the celebrated Darryl Dean Begay, and his own outstanding work is also award-winning. In fact, he won the highly coveted Artists’ Choice award at Santa Fe Indian Market – a peer award for “exceptional innovative work” – seven years ago, when still in his 20’s. This wonderful bracelet is an example of his outstanding work.His favorite tufa cast technique is employed, but the silver is not darkened, so it shimmers with an wintry allure. The all-over design consists of traditional petroglyph signs, as found on rock faces, all of them conveying good luck: water spirals, lightning, arrows, hunters, food animals, bear paws, hands of blessing, dragonflies, stars, cornstalks Kokopelli, and more. When bored, you can examine it closely and see how many symbols you can see. The edges of the cuff are chiseled roughly. This creates an additional suggestions of rocky texture. The raised edges sparkle like icicles in the sun.p>Prominently placed and set high above the cuff, is a large and handsome, super-prized, natural Bisbee turquoise. This, one of the most sought-after of all turquoise, is from a mine that is no longer producing the typical, rich hue seen here, with the maroon matrix. It is a remarkable stone. Subtle touches abound: the cuff itself is gently tapered, and the superb stone is set slightly off-center. Moreover, there are additional, impeccably delineated petroglyph designs on the inside of the cuff, as well, with the artist’s signature incorporated into the whole. The silver is thick and sturdy, the design is decorative, as well as traditional and meaningful, the finish gives the piece the glitter and sheen of ice or crystals, and the stone is magnificent. Plus, this is the marvelous work of a rapidly rising star of the jewelry world. A solid 10 on any scale.


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Natural Bisbee Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 3/8"

Gap Size

1 1/8"

Wrist Size

6 1/2"


1 3/8"