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Bisbee Pendant on Leather


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He worked with, and learned from, the late, great Chalmers Day, whose overlay technique is celebrated; Tim’s work is in the same, impeccable tradition.

The overlay work on this pendant is precise, inventive, and gleaming, above the darkened and textured silver base.

With a striking, contemporary version of traditional motifs, the silver work is impressive and decorative.

However, the real star of this handsome pendant is the magnificent, natural Bisbee turquoise. Talk about throwaway luxury!

One of the top, most desirable, and hard-to-come-by turquoise stones of the southwestern United States, the best Bisbee is noted for its brilliant blue color, and maroon matrix.

This stone is of premium quality, with its dazzling blue hue and clear, maroon matrix.

A symmetrical arrangement of overlaid silver designs flank the stone.

Stylized feather motifs are slightly arched, with tapered and curved designs of raindrops, perhaps, above them.

Feathers are symbols of hopes and prayers, that waft up to the heavens; water is a great blessing in the high desert.

The chiseled bezel that wraps around the gorgeous turquoise, forms a palisade of rounded and straight shapes that echo the overlaid design.

Hung on hand-braided leather, with sterling cones and chain, the pendant assumes a casual chic that lends itself to wearing on everyday errands.

The chain can be adjusted in length, depending on where it it attached, from 24″ at the least, to 26″ at the longest.

Then, slip the pendant off the leather, and onto, say, Al Joe’s elegant silver collar, or beads, or heishi, and it is all ready to shine at a committee meeting, dinner date, or other, more formal activity.

So, nonchalantly dazzling, or seriously stunning, this same pendant will work with whatever your activity requires.

Meticulous technique, handsome design, ingenious combination of materials, and a breathtaking stone, add up to a versatile and fabulous piece of jewelry.

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Natural Bisbee Turquoise, Sterling Silver | Hand Braided Leather


Pendant is 2 1/2" W x 2" H | Cord is 24-26" L