Birds and Flowers Wedding Vase



The Cerno’s pots have been winning top prizes for over three decades.

Famed for their very large ollas, this married couple are considered among the very best potters – ever.

Joseph does the potting; Barbara is responsible for the marvelous painting.

It is rare that we can call a piece of pottery “pretty”, but this wedding vase is; one of the prettiest pieces we’ve ever seen.

The design is inspired by the traditional Pueblo parrot pots, but done with a softer palette and freer pattern.

On one side, the traditional bird is painted in a golden tan. Flowers, leaves, and plants float about on all sides.

One of the flowers is pink, the others that same golden tan, and russet.

Black tendrils and leaves anchor the composition, surrounded by pure white space.

Every element is curled, curved or circular, which accords with the shape of the wedding vase, and adds to the delicate, lyrical effect.

On the other side, the palette is more assertive: The bird is painted in a terra cotta clay slip, that matches the red clay handle.

Two flowers are of the same terra cotta and a darker, brick red. There are two flowers of a soft, lavender color, as well.

A diaphanous swirl of black wafts over the bird, anchored by a graceful plant at each end.

At the sides without birds, adorable ladybugs frolic on leaves, near the bottom of the pot.

Everything about this wedding vase is delicate, precise, graceful, and exquisitely painted; beautifully formed and finished.

Here is a chance to acquire an enchanting example of these renowned potters’ work, at a surprisingly accessible price.

With each purchase of a wedding vase, we include a description of its use in Pueblo ceremonies, written by a potter from Santa Clara Pueblo.

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Vegetal Paint, Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slips


7 1/2" H x 4 5/8" diameter