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Birds and Flowers Olla


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A combination of two outstanding talents make one outstanding pot. Elizabeth is noted as a traditional potter. She fashioned this graceful jar as a background for the exquisite painting of her equally renowned husband, Marcellus. Their artistic marriage is as successful as the real one.

Hummingbirds help to pollinate plants, both decorative and edible. The design of hummingbird and wild rose is an iconic one, in Pueblo art. The design here, handsomely accentuates the shapely form of the olla. Two long-billed hummingbirds hover excitedly near a bright flower on a graceful stem. A traditional, stylized rainbow curves around this picture, forming a frame. Parallel lines, also traditional, are both decorative and indicative of rain. (Good luck!) This design is repeated on the other side, as well.

Separating the front and back of the olla, are two narrow panels showing a traditional Pueblo bird, with more fine lines and decorative motifs. All the colors are natural clay slips, except for the black, which is plant-derived. This lovely pot was made entirely according to tradition: hand gathering the clay, mixing it, shaping the piece with coils that are smoothed, burnishing with a stone, painting with natural pigments, and pit-firing. The result is a pretty, graceful, and harmonious piece of pottery.

Natural Clay, Natural Pigments

Height: 7 1/2″ Diameter: 6 1/2″