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Bird Olla


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A talented young artist from Mata Ortiz, Jesus Trevizo has made his mark in the world of pottery with the extremely detailed and realistic painted birds that adorn his work.

Mata Ortiz is a small village in a remote river valley in Northern Mexico.  The village alone has over 500 potters that are known for reviving the area’s indigenous pottery traditions. “The revival embraces the Casas Grandes and Mimbres civilizations,” and the work has characteristics that are also noted in many Native American pueblos and tribes, most notably Acoma Pueblo, Zuni Pueblo, and the Hopi tribe.

Jesus has taken the revival and put his own spin on it.  A beautiful, hand-built olla, made from coils of clay dug from the river bed near the village, has been etched with a diamond motif on the front, with some diamonds raised and others recessed.  Sitting in the creamy colored background are two stunning birds, the top most likely a Western Kingbird, and the bottom a variety of Finch.

The remainder of the olla is painted in blues and blacks, with designs etched into the surface.  A hummingbird flits across the back, nestled in with leaves, flowers, stars, and shells.

The paint used, just like the clay, is all natural and hand made from materials found near the village.

With stunning colors and precisely detailed work, this olla is a remarkable example of the work coming from this little village.

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Hand Processed Clay and Pigments


6 1/2" H X 4 1/2" Diameter