Birch Bark Dragonfly Box


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The dragonfly designs are traditional to this Eastern tribe, as they also are, interestingly enough, to Pueblo tribes of the Southwest.

A Maliseet from Maine, the artist feels a strong responsibility to carry on the traditions of this small tribe, which has survived, despite 500 years of European domination, in the super-populated Northeast.

This well-proportioned, beautifully decorated box was created by laborious hand skillful hand work. Hand gathered birch bark, hand peeled, sewn and etched, makes it a direct descendant of traditional Maliseet storage boxes.

The graceful,etched  dragonflies seem to dance, all the way around the base. The characteristic white bark of the birch tree has been left on, to edge the lid and the base.

A lovely, historic addition to your box collection, and/or to use as a graceful, attractive catch-all.



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Natural Birch Bark, Sweetgrass


6 1/2" high x 7 3/8" wide x 5 3/4" deep