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Bi-Colored Swirl Wedding Vase


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This member of a well-known pottery family specializes in modern interpretations of the traditional gourd, or melon pot. The swirls are meant to represent the forms of squash, an age-old staple of the Pueblo diet. In this piece, Emma has combined two different clays – a favorite idea of hers – to form a wedding vase. The swirls create a lively rhythm and movement, while the serene top half imposes a stately calm to the piece. Everything is stone-polished to a touchable sheen, and everything – from clay gathering and mixing on – is also done by hand.The colors are natural to the clays used.High quality, good size, prize-winning potter, striking design based on an ancient style, equals wonderful piece.

Natural Handmade Clay and Pigments

Height: 10 1/4″ Diameter: 5 7/8″