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Bi-Colored Swirl Jar


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Granddaughter, daughter, niece, and cousin of other, award-winning Yepa potters, Marcella uses the red and beige clays of her Jemez Pueblo area.

Her work has been getting more and more sophisticated, and she has won numerous awards for her swirl pots.

Here, natural creamy-beige clay has been coiled, smoothed, and stone-polished; formed into a graceful narrow-necked jar.

The only ornamentation is a swooping curve of carved natural red clay that glides across the rotund, fluid shape, and also resembles flowing water – a good luck symbol in the desert.

Every bit of this piece was fashioned by hand, traditionally, from gathering the clay to firing in the ground.

An elegant form, dramatically highlighted by contrasting color and texture; contemporary in looks; age-old in execution, and very welcome in price.

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