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“Beyond the Crescent Moon”


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Son of the late Frank Vigil, celebrated for his realistic paintings of horses and warriors, this equally celebrated, second-generation artist has taken a much different artistic path.

A graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, Felix creates vividly colored, mixed media work, that is decidedly contemporary. Case in point: this painted wood construction.

A hand-made, boxed wooden form is painted in vibrant acrylic paint, with an abstract figure, also of painted wood, standing out from the background.

Despite the fiery palette, the impression of the piece is of absolute stillness and peace.

The crescent moon seems to illuminate the right side of the abstract figure with a cool blue, lunar light.

The left side is defined by darkness, while the center is a slender oval that combines shadowy moonlight and fiery, sunny yellow.

Day and night, both, are thus contained within the dancer figure.

The sun-warmed oranges and reds behind the figure are painted with serene simplicity. They blend into a wonderfully animated profusion of brushstrokes at the bottom.i

Jewel-like darks, blues, and bright greens, suggest the growth of grasses and plants within ,and above, the earth’s surface.

A cascade of tiny dots covers the whole piece, representing raindrops.

At each side of the boxed form, on the edges, is a beautifully painted eagle feather, signifying prayer.

The message is clear: the dancer figure is praying for the blessing of rain, balanced with sunshine, to encourage the growth of crops in the earth.

Therefore, people will be happy, healthy, and prosper. This prayer is evoked both day and night.

With brilliant color and equally brilliant mastery of paint, this construction conveys an ancient message in a very serene, unique, contemporary interpretation.


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Acrylic Paint, Wood


24" high x 5 1/2" wide x 3" deep