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Beveled Lapis Ring


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A few facts about the artist: 1) He is male, despite the name “Allison”.

2) He signs his pieces “Snowhawk”, his Native name, given to him by his grandmother.

3)  He is a consistent prize-winner, who produces finely detailed and well-designed work.

This spectacular ring is all about that splendid, natural lapis stone. As befits an experienced artist, Allison knew it needed no fancy distractions.

So, he simply cut a perfectly straight, off-set bevel into the gorgeous blue depths of the lapis, and surrounded it with a discreet, perfectly regular, small-scale, toothed silver bezel.

The breathtaking stone now reflects light on two, asymmetrical, sides.

This subtle configuration is just enough to elevate it from large and lovely, to splendidly sophisticated and special.

The silver shank is tapered horizontally, just as the stone is tapered vertically.

A stepped rain design marches across it, echoing the water theme suggested by the deep blue lapis.

The shank is also special in its own right: it is somewhat adjustable, enabling you to shift the ring size from about an 8 or so, to about a 10.

Switch fingers, switch sizes when it’s hot and humid or cold and dry; you can always wear this magnificent ring.

Less fuss equals lots more impact, in designing this stunning ring.