Beige Yebechei Bowl


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The noted potter, Ida Sahmie, was born Navajo and married into the most iconic family of Hopi potters, the descendants of Nampeyo.

Ida has been a top award-winner since she began exhibiting her work.

She is noted for finely formed thin-walled pots, meticulously painted in natural colors, often depicting Navajo subjects. This bowl is a splendid example of all those characteristics.

Beautifully formed, the golden beige of the clay seems to radiate the waning light of the evening sun, as the Yebechei dancers prepare for their night dance. Notice the long shadows cast by the low-lying light.

There are rain signs on each kilt; they hold rattles and sprigs of evergreens. In the sky, birds fly off to roost.

The russet cliffs and mesas of Navajo and Hopi country are painted with the clay from that earth itself.

Graceful in form, with fascinating painted detail and thin walls, this bowl, by a renowned potter, makes a powerful impression.

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Natural Handmade Clay and Natural Pigments


3 1/2" diameter x 2 7/8" H