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Bear Totem Sculpture


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A complex, beautifully executed table fetish that conveys traditional lore, by a celebrated fetish carver.

Bears are symbols of protection, powerful strength and hunting abilities.

Here, we have three bears, arranged vertically, to form a sort of totem pole, and carved from one single piece of white marble.

Papa sits at the bottom, holding the baby bear, whose head is turned toward us.

Mama stands on Papa’s shoulders, a supports Big Brother bear, who balances on her from paws.

All the bears have bright blue, turquoise eyes, and are sculpted with pleasing plumpness and realism.

The elements are scrupulously carved and detailed, from the naturalistic forms of the bears to their lightly textured pelts.

Like all good sculpture, this one is appealing and attractive from every angle.

Herbert is famous for his animal carvings, and this one is most unusual, both in size, composition, and material.

An intriguing fetish/sculpture to guard and protect your home, and delight your eye, by a major artist of the genre.

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Turquoise, White Marble


8 /8" H x 2 1/4" W x 3" Deep