Bear Spirit Warrior


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This bust of a Plains warrior is complete with feathered headdress and bear claw necklace.

It radiates a sense of strength, not only physical, but spiritual.

His head emerges like a phantom spirit from precisely carved, miniature bricks, like those of ancient Anasazi dwellings.

Behind his head, a standing bear is carved, as if in a cave. Petroglyph symbols are etched into the side of the cave.

A beautifully graceful and realistic cornstalk grows along one side of the headdress.

Everything is carved from one piece of cloudy grey Picasso Marble that is shot through with light and dark seams of matrix.

The irregular markings and changing shades, in the stone, create a sense of scudding clouds, and flickering lightning, appropriate to the other worldly theme.

The warrior seems to be a protective spirit, rising up from the ancestral past, while the bear is his own protective spirit.

A crescent moon, star, raincloud and rain, and spiral of water, are etched behind the warrior’s head.

These are good luck symbols. Rain and water allows crops to thrive, and the result is flourishing cornstalks to harvest.

Corn is the symbol of good health, happiness and prosperity.

Every element of this sculpture refers to strength, protection and good luck.

It ingeniously combines skill, symbolism and creativity in one, meticulously carved piece.

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