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Bear Soft Sculpture


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Noted in the past for his vibrant clay wall masks, the artist has more recently explored multimedia soft sculptures, with brilliant results, as you can see.

This latest one represents the bear, Guardian of the North, healer, and protector; an almost universal symbol of power, hunting prowess, and survival skills.

The simplified shape marvelously conveys the bulk and strength of this iconic symbol.

Canvas, beautifully painted in rich colors, forms his well-filled body, with natural feathers tied on in a medicine bundle.

Medicine bundles are meant to convey the power and good luck, depicted in the piece, to the heavens, on behalf of the owner.

This bear is painted with a lively series of designs, incorporating dots, spirals, stars, and zig-zag lines throughout the composition.

The dark saturated colors suggest the actual animal, though not realistically.

The theme of water, symbolized by the spirals, the dots, and the wavy zig-zags results in abundant crops.

The spirals also show the journey through life and are surrounded by symmetrical crosses, commonly symbolizing stars.

Health and happiness for all creatures rely on enough water, so this bear is truly a protector and healer. And handsome, too!

Lightweight and ready to hang on your wall, or propped up on a shelf.

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Hide, Wax Covered String, Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Natural Feathers, Thread


13 3/4"


8 1/2"