Bear Portrait in Stone


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This award-winning Jemez Pueblo artist is noted for his animal sculptures.

With a minimum of detail, he manages to express the very essence of each animal he portrays.

This bear portrait depicts its strength and massive bulk, with a touch of good nature, as well.

Warm grey alabaster, with faint streaks of beige, is lightly textured, toto suggest the fur.

Without the distraction of dramatic markings in the stone, the features and form are foremost, and they are uncannily naturalistic.

Well-proportioned, with carefully carved ears, eyes and muzzle, the bear is instantly recognizable, despite the minimal detail.

Bears are revered by most Native tribes for their power and hunting ability; these make them protector figures.

This  serene bear looks aware of his power, and content to use it benignly.

He will be a most handsome protector on your mantel, shelf or desk, brilliantly carved by this famous artist.

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Natural Alabaster


5 1/2" H x 6 1/8" square