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Bear Paw Canteen


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This artist, learned from his mother, Gladys Paquin, and grandmother, Reyecita Padilla, both notable potters.

He is well-known for his beautifully simple forms, completely handmade according to tradition.

This canteen is a faithful homage to the pottery water canteens Laguna farmers used to take out to the fields.

Deerskin thongs attached the canteens to the farmers’ persons.

But you will NOT, Ever, put water in this canteen, unless you have Andy at home to replace it when it disintegrates.

Laguna, the nearest Pueblo to Acoma, shares this pristine white clay with its neighbor.

Hand gathered, mixed, coiled and smoothed, just as in centuries past, the dazzling white clay is all handsome form, with no embellishments.

Except for the impressed, stylized bear paw on one side. Bears protect and bless, so the canteen and water would be safe.

Just enough subtle decoration, its curved form reinforces the circular shape of the canteen.

It is all of a piece; even the deerskin strap is creamy, to go with the snowy clay.

Hang it, and fill it with dried branches or foliage, or enjoy its pristine beauty as it is.

Including the strap, it measures 14 3/8″ long; the deerskin may be shortened, if you wish.

A lovely nod to the past, that looks amazingly modern, from an award-winning potter.

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Natural Handmade Clay, Deerskin


6 3/8" H x 6 1/2" W x 2 1/2" Deep