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Bear Offering Salmon to Eagle


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Collectors alert! Troy Sice is justly renowned for his antler carvings, but we think this award-winning carver has out-done even himself, with this amazing piece.

One solid length of natural antler has been carved into a three-part vignette: Bear is offering a salmon to Eagle, who hovers and grasps the fish in his talons.

Both the bear and the eagle are Guardian animals; bear of the West, and eagle of the Skies, so this tells the story of one Guardian animal paying homage to the other. The concept is ingenious, and the execution is superb.

Stretched up to his full length, the bear is smoothly polished, except for his muzzle; nose and ears are burned brown, and his turquoise eyes are fixed on the eagle and fish.

He stands on a base of Picasso marble, with all paws and claws delineated in black. He is intent on passing the salmon up to the eagle, and his whole pose is taut with physical and mental tension.

The salmon is curved, with eye and mouth open. Reddish-brown, cross-hatched incised lines suggest his scales and color, while the fins are also incised. This salmon is large and a real prize, fit for the King of the Skies.

Notice how it is carved out, as are the upraised paws of the bear; remember this is all one solid antler to begin with.

And now we come to the eagle. Hovering over the proffered gift, its wings are upraised and carved out, realistically tipped with dark brown, and with the other feathers equally well carved.

His tail is fanned out, to balance him during this tricky maneuver. The beak is also darkened, and this eagle has turquoise eyes to match the bear’s.

Fiercely strong talons of gleaming copper grasp the fish – an accent that emphasizes the power of the bird, and focusses attention on the action, as well.

A remarkable feat of carving from one piece of antler, by a recognized master of the genre.



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Copper, Natural Elk Antler, Picasso Marble, Turquoise


9 1/8" high x 3 1/8" wide x 2" deep