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Bear Clock with Sugilite


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And now for something completely different – a bear that tells time, beautifully. Hand fabricated of sterling silver, this hollowform bear will grace your bedside table, office desk, or anywhere he is placed.The gleaming surface is punctuated by darkened rain signs and the traditional arrow that points to the source of his power, which in this case, is to keep you punctual. A richly purple sugilite stone adds a touch of glamor. He is happy to stand on his sturdy paws 24/7, on any flat surface.The watch is accessed from the rear of the bear’s body, and can be exchanged for any other one that fits, if you prefer. It might need a new watch battery, available at almost any jeweler’s or a mass market store. This is truly a conversation piece. More than just a handsome face, this bear works for his keep and is really practical.

Sterling Silver, Sugilite, Commercial Watch

Width: 3″ Height: 2″ Depth: 3/8″