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Bear Claw Seed Pot With Turquoise


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Seed pots were made to winter over seeds in anticipation of the next planting season. They were nearly completely close, with very small holes, so vermin would not get at the seeds. This contemporary seed pot contains a lot of tradition within its super-sleek form: The bear paw symbolizes the protection of this powerful animal, also revered for its skill in finding food – a double invocation of hope. The inlaid turquoise is more than a pop of pretty color: it represents the sky and water, thereby balancing the earth nature of seeds, and hopefully encouraging a fine harvest to come. Notice how the long oval of the seed pot is echoed in the graceful oval of the stone.Tradition is inherent in the nature of a seed pot, and the making of the pot: hand-gathered,-mixed, -coiled, -smoothed and stone-polished clay that was pit-fired. The form and finish are contemporary, and both are remarkably beautiful. The mirror-smooth, impeccable, hand polish is extraordinary, and is a trademark of this potter. Beautiful to look at, loaded with traditional meaning, and gorgeous to feel, this is a fabulous seed pot that would be on a different price level, if the potter were better known. Take advantage of that!

Natural Clay, Turquoise

Height: 4″ Diameter: 2 3/8″