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Bear Clan Chief


Table fetish/sculpture in Picasso marble. Plains warrior face with feathered headdress and bear claw necklace n front; standing bear carved within the feathers, on the back. All one piece.

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An award-winning fetish carver, this noted artist has created a larger sculpture with a subject beyond that of a single animal.

This is a complex, beautifully executed sculpture that also conveys traditional lore.

The Plains warrior’s face, beneath his abundantly feathered headdress, is stern, seemingly wise, and weathered with experience.

His leadership has merited the honor of a feathered headdress. In addition, he wears a necklace crowded with long bear claws, proof of his courage and prowess.

Each feather, and the binding around the headdress, is defined with clarity, as are the features of the warrior.

Turn the piece around, and there is a fully developed sculpture of a standing bear with turquoise eyes, sheltered within the feathered headdress.

Bears are symbols of protection, powerful strength and hunting abilities. The spirit of the bear transfers its characteristics to the human, so he can better lead his people.

At one side of the head, there is a graceful cornstalk with several, detailed ears of corn. This symbol of prosperity, good health and happiness suggests what the bear spirit’s qualities lead to.

The random markings of the Picasso marble lend the sculpture a cloudy, somewhat indistinct air, reinforcing the spiritual nature of the message.

All the finely detailed elements of this piece are carved from one solid block of stone.

An eloquent sculpture that is esthetically interesting and expertly carved, with a message as powerful as the features of the warrior chief.

The strength, savvy and protection of the bear will transfer to the owner of the piece, according to Zuni lore – an added perk.

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Picasso Marble, Turquoise