Bear and Eagle Sculpture


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Together in one fascinating sculpture, the two most iconic figures of Native life: the bear and the eagle.

Each has major powers of protection, strength and hunting (read: survival) prowess.

Carving them both from one piece of pale peach alabaster creates a sculpture that is not only remarkable artistically, but also spiritually.

This artist is noted for his carvings of the major animals of Native culture: bears, wolves, buffalo, and eagles. Here, he has incorporated two of the most important ones in a single piece.

Semi-abstract, each animal nevertheless retains a recognizable realism in the features of the head: The bear’s snout, ears, and face are naturalistic, as is the beak and head of the eagle.

Easy to fit into an apartment, as well as a house, this sculpture is a natural for displaying on tabletop, desk, or shelf. Powerful in several ways, this piece will certainly attract attention.



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Natural Alabaster, Wood


5 5/8" W x 6" H x 2 3/4" Deep