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Beaded Tweety Bird


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Traditionally, Zuni women have created beaded figures that reflect the life of their culture. Although this adorable Tweety Bird is not a traditional Zuni symbol, cartoons are part of the life of Native children, now, just as in the larger culture.

Tradition is maintained, and everything new will become a cherished old custom, with time.

The artist transferred her memory and imagination directly to her skilled fingers. Without any pattern, or other aid, she used one continuous thread – just as in the old days.

Traditional technique, but a contemporary subject. You can almost hear this winsome version of the little canary, beloved of generations of kids, saying, “I think I thaw a Puddy-Tat!”

And, – what a coincidence – we happen to have that “Puddy-Tat”, a marvelous beadwork figure by this same artist, and another Tweety Bird of hers, in a cage. Both are on our website!

Serious works of folk art, Sylvester and Tweety Bird, together forever, on your shelf, or in your display case, will bring smiles to all, all the time.


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Beads, Thread


3 3/8" high x 2 1/8" wide