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Beaded Shell Necklace


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Delicate, flirty, and bright as a summer’s day, this beautifully hand made collar is a joy to wear, as well as to behold.

Beadwork has a tradition among the Pueblos, although not as embedded or well-known as that of Plains tribes.

This cheery necklace is composed of tiny, vivid, yellow, orange, and red glass beads, adroitly composed into an interlocking diamond pattern.

A curl of blush-pink, natural shell is attached at the bottom point of each diamond, adding a charming ruffle effect.

As vibrant as a day in June, this sunlit necklace is not only unique and beautiful, it is light as a sun-ray on your neck.

Wear it happily all summer; bring a sunny day at the beach to your winter and fall wardrobe.

Meticulous work is involved in this pretty piece, as well as artistic vision, so you get a lot for your money.

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Glass Beads, Natural Shells


15 3/4" L