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Beaded Necklace with Large Oval Carnelian


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This third-generation innovative artist’s work has been featured in museum shows, as well as awarded prizes at prestigious art shows, just like her grandfather, Leo Poblano, mother Veronica, and brother, Dylan. However, Jovanna has chosen to diverge from their styles and materials, and create spectacular jewelry that takes off from the tradition of Zuni beadwork. That is the inspiration, but her necklaces are far, far, far, from tradition.

This jewelry statement incorporates glass, turquoise and chalcedony beads, with a large, commanding red carnelian in the center of the pendant. With its classic combination of turquoise and coral-ish hues, this necklace has a timeless, ethnic look, but is based the artist’s vision alone. The fringe of beads, cascading from the bottom of the pendant, lightens up the collection of larger forms and adds a touch of flirtatious frills.

As in all her necklaces, this carefully composed arrangement of shapes and colors adds up to high drama. It is wonderfully wearable, as well as splendidly wonderful, happily pairing with knits, suits, dresses, blouses – even tees! Decorative, and guaranteed to attract attention of the nicest kind, this is a special, hand made necklace that fits in beautifully with modern living.












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16" long, Necklace alone


Glass Beads, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Turquoise

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