Beaded Key Ring



Beadwork is a tradition in several Pueblos, surprising those who connect it only with Plains tribes.

This marvelously useful object is also marvelously decorative, thanks to the expert, hand made beadwork of the artist.

Yellow zigzags symbolize waterways, always great good luck out on the high desert.

The separated, individual, iridescent beads, at either end, represent raindrops – more good luck and very pretty, too.

Dark red signifies the land; lavender is an unusual choice for sky and water, but very effective in the overall palette.

Robust in form and size, and with two, separate, key rings attached, this is really hard to lose, and fun to flaunt.

The artist has signed it with her trademark blue bead, a tiny pop of color in the midst of the lavender.

A fine and thoughtful gift – even for yourself.

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Glass Beads, Metal, Wood


1" Diameter x 3" L | 5 1/2" L including rings