Beaded Hat Band



Tesuque Pueblo is not known for one particular art; this artist creates what his heart and hands tell him.

Here, he demonstrates his skill with beadwork.

Using tiny seed beads, he has created a striking hatband with a ground of luminous, sky-blue beads and a row of diamond-shaped forms edged in black.

Two beaded eagle feathers are at each end of the band, with single ones in the center and sides.

Each diamond shape has a tiny red, cross-like form in the center, against soft grey.

Eagle feathers are symbols for prayers and hopes; the cross form is a symbol for the four corners of the world.

So, in this design, good wishes are sent to every corner of the world.

The lengths of deerskin at the ends are to tie or sew the band onto a hat.

Unusual, colorful, and well-made, this hat band is for traditionalists, collectors – and you.

Additional information


Beads, Deerskin


18 1/2" L x 1" W | Deerskin ends are 7" L each