Beaded Gourd Rattle

Melvin Roanhorse



A beautifully conceived and created Navajo ceremonial rattle, by an artist who has specialized in this specialized area.

A natural gourd is hollowed out, smoothed, and pierced at both ends, with a gracefully curved wooden handle inserted into it.

Natural white horsehair, and red feathers extend from the top of the gourd, held together with precise beadwork.

Matching beadwork covers the end of the wooden handle, in a larger format.

A long tassel of seven hand-braided ropes dangles from the bottom of the handle.

All the beadwork is tightly woven, with vibrant colors masterfully arranged in a rainbow effect.

Four, lovely eagle feathers are etched into the handle of the rattle, slightly on the diagonal, to emphasize the curves of the wood.

They represent prayers, rising up to the heavens, and covering the four corners of the earth.

This is an authentic ceremonial rattle, but also a handsome piece of art.

This impeccably made rattle will be a wonderful addition to, or start of, a collection of handmade artifacts.

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