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Beaded Chipmunk


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Along with cartoon figures, this gifted beadworker likes to make appealing figures of the animals she sees around her Zuni Pueblo home, like this cheerful little chipmunk.

Traditionally, Zuni ladies (most usually) created figures that reflected the life around them. Well, chipmunks are certainly part of the scenery, so this artist is still in the traditional mainstream.

Working from imagination directly to her hands, without any patterns or other aids, Patsy creates her figures in the traditional way – with one continuous thread. Demanding work, requiring great concentration and skill.

Jauntily waving, this friendly chipmunk is incontestably adorable. From his perky little ears to his sweet smile, he is bright-eyed, and seems to be begging to be cuddled.

Delightful to look at, and a real little work of traditional art, too. (He would be a fine pair with the good-looking, cocky, beaded blue roadrunner, on this site.)



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Beads, Thread


Height 3 7/8" x 2 1/2" wide