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Beaded Buffalo


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A meticulous. laborious process, beadwork requires patience and skill. Plains tribes are noted for their beadwork, and this contemporary version is true to tradition.

Completely hand made by a young Northern Cheyenne girl, this impressively sized, beaded buffalo can be hung on the wall, or even worn around the neck.

The buffalo is, of course, the legendary icon of the great Plains.

It provided tribes with food, clothing, bedding, shelter and adornment.

The great herds roam no more, but there are private and government-raised smaller herds in several states.

In this contemporary piece, the buffalo is beaded on buckskin, in colors compatible with it’s natural coloring.

The horns, and shaggy pelt around the head, are shown in contrasting bead colors and shapes. Note its little tail, too.

With a simple, but graphic, earth-toned pattern, this buffalo would be a most unusual feature for your wall.

(The deerskin cord can be cut to any desired length.)

Mix it up with masks, paintings, rugs, etc., for a striking display, or – wear it around your neck, and enjoy the attention!


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3 1/4" H x 4 1/2" W | Cord is 38 " L


Beads, Buckskin