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Beaded Blue Roadrunner


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Beadwork is usually associated with Plains Indian tribes. However, Zuni people (usually women) have also done fine beadwork, traditionally.

Zuni beadwork were usually small figures that expressed various aspects of Zuni life. This artist, however, makes adorable figures taken from her surroundings, updating tradition.

Here is an creative version of our favorite desert-dweller, the roadrunner. As in all her figures, no pattern was used; created on one continuous thread, this moved directly from her imagination to her fingers.

Standing tall, and proudly showing off his luxuriant crest and tail, this fellow is much more colorful than the real bird. He looks very pleased with himself, smiling through his yellow beak and striding firmly on his scrawny legs. (Guess Wile E. Coyote is nowhere around.)

Amusing and vividly decorative, this is also a delightful example of serious artistry and a robust sense of humor. Created with amazing skill and concentration, as well, this is a marvelous collector’s piece. Beep, beep!



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Beads, Thread


6 1/4" high x 2 7/8" wide