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Beaded Blue Bird Necklace with White Fringe


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Right in step with the newly fashionable boho chic look, is this delightful choker. The artist is one of a family of jewelers famous for innovation for three generations. She is nationally celebrated and collected for her artful combinations of exquisite beadwork that make necklaces of unique style and impact.

This one features her remarkable beadwork in a symphony of blues. The tiny little beads are each hand sewn. Backed with velvety soft suede, for comfort, the charming bird is a refreshing combination of deep blue, sky-blue and turquoise-blue beads – many, many, many of them – accented with snowy white clamshell heishi, and a faceted crystal drop at the bottom. Translucent chips of aquamarine stones alternate with sky-blue beads on the chain, punctuated with tiny, faceted royal blue beads.

The eye, wing and breast are all beautifully delineated with beads in a subtle arrangement of blues and turquoise. The beak and eye are accentuated with minuscule seed pearls, while a fan of graduated tassels hang below, to move with the wearer’s body like the feathers of the bird in flight. As well as disks of white clamshell, these tassels are formed of faceted, small, dark blue beads, and even tinier blue and turquoise beads. A faceted teardrop of aquamarine glitters at the bottom.

The aquamarine, pearls, and faceted beads form part of a beautifully harmonious palette and composition. Some beads gleam; some glint and glisten in the light, but they all work together beautifully.

With endearing charm, lovely color, and in tune with casual dressing, this is a wonderful necklace. This little bluebird will surely be your bluebird of happiness, and will never fly away!

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Glass Beads, Seed Pearls, Leather, White Clam Shell



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3" Height of pendant included white fringe and faceted aquamarine at bottom.