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Beaded Barrette Pair


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Think beadwork, and you usually think Plains tribes.

However, local Pueblos, like the Zuni, also have a tradition of beadwork. These sprightly barrettes are the work of a Laguna Pueblo  artist.

Nicely hand sewn, the charming design shows up crisply, with a fresh palette of darks against the white background.

Held one way, the designs resemble the traditional stepped rain symbol; turned around, these become hearts!

In the center is the New Mexico Zia, symbol of the four corners of the earth, which is where the blessings of rain and/or love are meant to extend.

With a working, commercial attachment, these barrettes are ready to adorn all sorts of hairstyles, with love, good luck, and good looks.

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Beads, Commercial Clips, Leather


2 5/8" L x 5/8" W