“Basket Dreams”



Nate Nez is a Navajo artist and veteran of the United States Army.

After serving in Iraq in 2003, Nate returned home and five years later, met his wife.

After moving to Albuquerque in 2013, Nate pursued his art dream, and we are so thankful that he did!

Of his own art, Nate says, “As a Navajo artist, I took new steps and a new direction with my style by going beyond boundaries of Native American art by including a collaboration of my graffiti style. I do value my traditions and culture giving much respect; however, I have learned to evolve and develop my style from the norm. I stay close to my culture, values, and roots. My family and friends have told me stories that turned into art. I also use art as an outlet to help deal with PTSD and so that keeps me grounded as well as pushing me to paint more.”

This piece is titled “Basket Dreams”, and is not only one of our favorite pieces of his, it is one of his own favorites as well.

The background is a mix of vivid purples and reds, and is “what a dream would look like”.  The central figure is a Yei, who is speaking to the hummingbird, telling it to spread positive vibes out into the world.

Behind the Yei and hummingbird is a bright green line, with a central streak of yellow running down it.  This is an abstract representation of corn, and the red line running parallel to the bottom of the painting represents the strength to keep moving forward.

A deeply personal painting full of hopes and dreams for humanity as a whole, this is a strong message of love and encouragement, something we need very much, especially now.

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