Badger Fetish with Coral Eyes


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Shannon Waatsa is a young carver from Zuni Pueblo, and a new artist here at Wright’s.  She only began carving in November 2017, but her fetish carvings already show mature expertise.

This adorable badger is only the second fetish we have of hers, and he is a little beauty.

Badgers are the healing and protective Guardian of the South, traditionally.

The belief is that they help medicine men dig up roots and herbs needed for healing.

Here, the badger is endearingly chubby, with red coral eyes inlaid in Picasso marble and a teal-hued arrowhead of chrysocolla.

His benign expression belies the badger’s supposed characteristics of tenaciousness, persistence, passion, and control.

Carefully and pleasingly carved in the old, abstracted style, this badger is nevertheless very recognizable.

Carried in your pocket, or placed on a shelf, this handsome badger will protect your person and your home, with his healing properties.

The artist has etched her initials, the date he was carved , and Zuni NM, on the flat little feet of the badger.

Another fine carving by this young, up-and-coming artist for you to enjoy.

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Chrysocolla, Commercial Sinew, Inlaid Natural Red Coral, Natural Picasso Marble


1 7/8" L x 7/8" W x 3/4" H