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Baby Turtle Carving


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This adorable baby turtle is a fetish carving by a daughter of the famed Lance Cheama, and niece of his equally notable siblings: Arvella. Fabian, Vivella, and Wilfred.

They are all prize-winning fetish carvers, especially famous for their exquisitely naturalistic pieces.

Here, the speckled serpentine tends to obscure the meticulously incised and realistic texture of the turtle’s shell, and the finely chiseled fins and wrinkled head.

Close observation reveals these skillful details.

This is definitely a baby turtle, as seen in the wonderfully infantile proportions; large head and fins convey the charming attributes of a young animal, no matter what it is.

Turtles are revered as water-dwelling creatures, as well as for their long lives.

Winsome in appearance, with seriously well-carved details, this is a charming fetish by the youngest generation of this celebrated carving family.

PS Its slightly concave underbelly makes a marvelous place for “worry” strokes with your thumb.

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Natural Serpentine


1 3/4" L x 1" W x 3/8" H