Award-Winning Swirl Pot with Butterfly Lid


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Awarded a prize at the 86th Annual Santa Fe Indian Market, this year, and the ribbon comes with it.This young (in her 30's) potter was inspired by many members of her family who are celebrated artists: great-grandmother Persingula Gachupin, grandmother Marie G Romero, mother Maxine Toya, sibling Dominique Toya, aunt Laura Gachupin, et al. Like them, Mia uses hand coiling to fashion hand-gathered and -mixed clay – just as their ancestors of old did.This award-winner specializes in contemporary pottery with butterfly lids, as graceful as she is.In addition to the lovely fluttering butterfly and lid, this melon pot ( modeled after the squash plants that are a staple of the Pueblo people) has been beautifully tapered in form. The ribs of the melon, or gourd, are each created by hand and swirl in astonishingly perfect symmetry around the piece. They taper from the top down, following the form of the pot. Using a polishing stone, the artist has burnished the surface of each rib – very time-consuming, exacting work – so the pot has a gentle sheen. The lid is left matte, unpolished but smooth. A slip of red clay, native to the Jemez area, was used to color the butterfly's body. Black pigment that decorates the lid and the butterfly is created by boiling wild spinach leaves. Every bit is hand fashioned in the age-old traditional way, but the result is a fresh and personal version of tradition.

Natural Clays and Pigment

Height: 5 1/2″ Diameter: 7 1/2″