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Autumn Splendor Earrings


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Another traditional innovation from this top-award-winning jeweler.

That’s not an oxymoron; he innovates with colors and materials within traditional frameworks, as in these wonderful earrings.

The warmth of autumn leaves or the southwestern landscape is found in this ruddy palette of natural jasper stones.

The pale greenish-greys tamp down the heat, and add another earthy hue.

Meticulously cut and inlaid by hand, the arrangement of rectangles and squares harmonizes with the larger form.

The frame of polished silver sends off glints as cool as water, nicely contrasting with the stones.

Perfectly suited to autumn and winter, these earrings would also beautifully fire up the cool neutrals and pastels of other seasons.

Be sure to look at the ring, and bracelet, to match!



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Canyon Jasper | Elephant Jasper | Picture Jasper | Sterling silver


1" long x 1/2" wide