Asymmetrical Kingman Turquoise Cuff


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Superb stones, equally superb workmanship and solid weights of silver are what these twins are noted for, and what is seen aplenty in this enchanting bracelet.

The finest, natural, spider web Kingman turquoise is featured, beautifully supported by silver work that is both satisfyingly hefty and delightfully dainty.

The stones are set in the center, following tradition, but they are each a different size and form.

Separated by two glistening domes of silver, and surrounded by hand-twisted rope bezels, this gives the bracelet an unexpected look that is both lovely and modern.

A larger dome of gleaming silver sits at each end of the center stones, adding smoothly vibrant polish to contrast with the rope-like bezels.

The cuff itself continues this combination of smooth gleaming and dense texture.

The edges are chiseled with amazing regularity into a row of little toothed squares; the surface of the cuff is rounded, and unadorned, with nothing but shine.

The interior is flat, so it feels good on the wrist. The ends of the cuff are flared ,and rounded off for more comfort.

The combination of glorious, sky blue, spider web turquoise and the glittering silver is just wonderful.

Touches of texture around the edges are a perfect foil for the shimmer.

The Lee brothers reinforce their reputation for exceptional work, with equally special stones, once again.


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