A’shiwi Clown


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This playful kachina is one we have had for a while (since 2003 to be exact!), but he has yet to make his public debut.

Titled “Clown” by the artist, this kachina has a smile on his face, and a slingshot in his hand.  His other hand, which is raised somewhat menacingly over his head, is holding a bat.

Clown Kachinas are the tricksters and jesters, keeping spectators at the dances in line.  This fanciful clown is certainly ready to perform his role!

Carved from a piece of dead cottonwood root, and painted with acrylic paints, this clown is ready to dance his way into your heart!

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Dead Cottonwood Root, Acrylic Paint


2 7/8"


2 1/2"


6 1/8"