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Art Glass Squirrel Fetish


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Glass is a contemporary medium for fetishes. Yet, it is used, most prominently, by Lena Boone, noted for maintaining the old, abstract style of fetish carving – but happy to experiment in this “new” material.

One of Lena Boone’s nephews, Marcel is considered her protege and has followed his celebrated aunt in using this difficult material for his fetishes.

Glass is very hard, requiring more aggressive cutting tools, and it is dangerous to the carver: Too much heat, generated during the process, can cause the glass to shatter or explode; tiny glass particles and glass dust can also cause eye and lung damage.

However, the result is absolutely gorgeous – a carving that is transparent and/or translucent, often with swirls of colors, as seen here.

This amusing squirrel is a beautifully realized contemporary fetish. Not one of the traditional fetish animals, squirrels are all around us, in nature.

Minimal detail shows the animal sitting up, little paws forward, with inlaid turquoise for his eyes.

Clear, lovely green, blue, orange and yellow seem to outline the animal’s form – thanks to the artistic ability and skill of the carver.

The whole piece is a graceful swoop of curves; the squirrel’s bushy tail is depicted in a long curve of real Venetian art glass.

Old-style carving in a decidedly contemporary medium equals a new, and appealing,  kind of fetish enjoyment.

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Venetian Art Glass, Turquoise


3 1/4" L x 1 3/4"H x 5/7" W