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Arrowhead Wolf Pendant


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Hopi artist, Ruben Saufkie Sr., has been a notable silversmith since 1988.

He has illustrious relatives, as well: the late, revered Lawrence Saufkie, his great-uncle, and the equally celebrated Paul Saufkie Sr., his grandfather.

He says that through his pieces, (I am) “doing my best to share our Hopi teachings of finding balance, harmony, and unity which leads to peace.”

The subject of this beautiful pendant, a stylized wolf, raises his head to howl at the moon.

The wolf is recognized for its devotion to the pack, and its family;  so much so, parallels have been drawn between pack members and tribal members.

This striking pendant is beautifully fabricated, as it invokes blessings for the tribe and for everyone, everywhere.

This gracefully delineated wolf has detailed teeth, and a series of symbols filling his body.

The moon and stars can be seen above the wolf, all featured prominently against the darkened background silver.

The entire pendant is shaped like an arrowhead, and Ruben even included the scalloped edges that are commonly seen on authentic handmade arrowheads.

The bale is simple and matches the high-polish of the pendant.

A wonderful design, and excellent workmanship, join with the spiritual message the artist strives to convey.

Esthetically pleasing, and culturally important, this is a beautiful achievement, on many levels.

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