Archaic Fetish Sculpture


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Noted for paintings and sculpture, but especially for his fetish sculptures, Mark began to develop his widely acclaimed artistic path of carving award-winning stone fetishes while still in his teens.

Although greatly influenced by traditional rituals and ceremonies, he creates contemporary sculptures to be enjoyed in our time.

He tries to maintain historical customs, practices, and rituals through his traditional stone carving methods.

When a piece is completed, the artist blesses it, in the traditional way of his Pueblo.

This figural sculpture has an ancient look; it could be something found in a pre-historic site but is a contemporary creation of the artist, representing any and all spiritual figures.

Texas limestone has chiseled elements that depict details of the figure on the body – stepped rain signs, and wavy river lines and rainfall lines – and definition of the facial features.

The designs are colored with a natural, red earth pigment that contrasts well with the light creamy stone.

A unique figure, it exhibits a powerful, but serene presence, and is an example of talent, tradition, and artistic skill, by an internationally collected, prize-winning artist.

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Natural Limestone, Buckskin, Natural Feathers


8" H x 6 1/2" W including feathers