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Appliqued Running Horses Bracelet


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Plains Indians have always been associated with horses. And then there is the artist’s name…. No wonder she creates horse-themed jewelry! An award-winning jeweler since 1996, Dina Huntinghorse is known for her beautifully wrought and finished work. This bracelet is up to that standard in every way.

Satiny polished silver is overlaid on a textured and darkened background, then stamped by hand with little sun motifs. It is also cut in the center, and formed into fluidly wavy borders. A herd of wild horses thunder across the bracelet, within these borders.

The horses are polished, glistening, and appliqued, so that they stand out, both figuratively and literally, from the dark, chiseled background. Tails high, manes streaming, they canter along in single file. The wonderful illusion of movement is emphasized by the irregular curves that frame them. Handsome in design and meticulous in execution, this marvelous bracelet is equally at home on man or woman – whomever it fits (lucky soul!).

Sterling Silver

Total Size: 7″ Cuff Size: 5 3/4″ Gap Size: 1 1/4″ Width: 1 1/4″