Applique Ranger Set


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An updated look for an old-fashioned idea: tufa cast silver with applied, polished silver embellishments. The artist is a traditionalist, with a twist – just right for today’s retro trends.

An award-winning jeweler, he is also a prize-winning rodeo cowboy, so he knows both how to make buckles, and how to wear them. The design was inspired by the old-fashioned “cricket ” designs, although only half a curvy cricket leg is shown.

The chiseled fans represent eagle feathers, which carry the owner’s prayers up to the heavens. Precise silver work – look at those finely graduated feathers, for instance – plus a graceful repetition of these, and curled motifs, make a beautifully balanced design.

Refined design and equally fine execution bring this classic look up-to-date.

It is a good size for any pair of trousers, from suits, to jeans, to shorts. Equally handsome for men and women – you can share it, too.



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Sterling Silver


Buckle is 2 1/4" wide x 1 5/8" high, fits belt up to 7/8" wide