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Applique Lightning Cuff


Corrugated silver cuff with applique, jagged lightning band, polished. Silver darker around applique band, lighter and brighter at outer edges.

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This well-known, award-winning jeweler manages to retain a recognizable style, while creating new styles – not easy! This striking cuff is a recent example of his careful workmanship and design flair.


A jagged band of brilliantly polished silver shoots across a corrugated background; simple, but every effective. Right around the polished band, the background is thundercloud dark, gradually shifting into lighter shades at the edges of the cuff. The texture of incised lines suggests lightning, flashing across a stormy sky, and the somber light of a rainy day. Some areas of the silver actually glisten slightly, just as rain-washed surfaces would.


Smooth and polished on the inside, this cuff is as comfortable to wear – on a larger wrist – as it is attractive. A classic, but dramatic look for men or women.

Additional information


Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 7/8"

Gap Size

1 1/4"

Wrist Size

7 1/8"


3/4" wide