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Applied Dragonfly Bracelet


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We are thrilled to present the fabulously creative jewelry of the great Fritz Casuse.

Fritz is celebrated for his award-winning jewelry, characterized by highly complex, completely hand-fabricated pieces.

He is also a sculptor, and this outlook leads to creating dimensional and textured jewelry pieces, that are full of movement.

A recognized artist, he is “inspired by the act of creation and is always experimenting” in his art.

This magnificent bracelet is typical of the grace and intricacy of his work.

Sterling silver, cast in natural cuttlefish bone, has been stamped and severely darkened.

Two rows of precisely stamped, little stepped rain signs are barely visible, in the dark silver.

Swooping over the top, two graceful arabesques of silver and of gold form a harmonious counterpoint to the inlaid, oval wings of a dragonfly.

Dragonflies, of course hover over bodies of water, symbolized here by the rippled texture of the cuttlebone.

A collection of circles, in various sizes, materials and colors also adorn the cuff.

These include tiny gold domes on the silver loop that forms the dragonfly’s body, and silver ones on the gold swoop.

A glowing, natural Blue Gem turquoise, and various natural pearls – pink, white and black – are placed around the cuff, adding dimension, color and more watery symbolism.

The dragonfly’s eyes are silver domes; its wings are inlaid picture jasper.

There is a concave circle of brass near its head, like a drop in the water of the pond or creek.

The design is sculptural, and full of vibrant energy. The silver and gold loops create the illusion of graceful, darting movement.

So does the diagonally placed dragonfly, and the offset turquoise, and brass “cup”.

The luminosity of the pearls, and the glitter of the polished silver and gold, give the illusion of glinting, flickering colors,as seen in a dragonfly’s wings.

Even though the cast silver cuff is darkened, the concave form also glistens in the light.

Every part of this stunning bracelet is carefully chosen to further the theme of water – a great blessing in the high desert.

Each element of the design works with every other one, to create a beautiful, animated sculpture that looks as light as a dragonfly’s wing.

Fritz Casuse’s art results in contemporary pieces that are cutting-edge, and challenge conventional expectations.

He is truly a Master, and this cuff, like all his work, is a masterpiece of design, creativity and masterful workmanship.

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14k Gold, Brass, Natural Blue Gem Turquoise, Natural Pearls, Picture Jasper, Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 3/4"

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Wrist Size

6 3/4"


1 1/2"