Apples Pastel

Alice Yazzie



Known for her photo-realistic pastels, award-winning artist Alice Yazzie is an expert at bringing inanimate objects to life.

Starting from plain brown paper (really!), she builds up the surface with consummate skill, so that each element is crisp, with its own natural texture.

In this compelling still-life, notice the worn paint on the old wooden table, the old traditional Pueblo bowl, and the irresistibly glowing apples, both whole, and cut.

The vivid colors she uses, and her extreme attention to detail, makes us feel as if this still life is real life.  She perfectly captures an item’s essence, enhancing it with extremely accurate highlighting and shadowing to give her pictures depth and character.

Alice, who mastered the difficult medium of pastels at art school in Chicago, keeps her backgrounds simple, but artfully shadowed, to make the subjects of her artistry pop.

This dazzling piece is a true representation of her fabulous sense of color, space, and artistic ability.

Unfortunately, the wooden frame has suffered some banging around.

Fortunately for you, the piece has been deeply discounted, so you can touch up the problem corners yourself, or have a framer do it.

Otherwise, this delicious picture is all ready to hang and enjoy – in your dining room or kitchen? Or, anywhere.

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