Apple Coral and Baby Olive Shell Heishi

Joe Pacheco



This veteran jeweler specializes in heishi and accompanying stones.

Heishi, natural shells or stones, cut and drilled by hand, were treasured as jewelry, for centuries.

In the past, the stones and shells would have been irregular lumps and rough bits, more or less natural, and as regular as the primitive tools allowed.

Now, the materials are smooth and polished, like this handsomely updated version of a historic style of adornment.

Dark brown, baby olive shell forms the teeny-tiny disks, a bass accompaniment to the high notes of the warm, red coral.

Each of the coral pieces has been formed into a little, rounded square, and polished, as well.

The color combination is sophisticated, but this necklace, like most heishi, is basically casual; it is wearable whenever, and wherever, you wish.

Joe Pacheco has hung the five strands for a silver chain that you can shorten or lengthen, according to your neckline.

Elegantly shaped and gorgeously colored coral joined to minuscule shell heishi, forms a classic necklace that you will enjoy wearing – a lot.

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